Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Prison - At Least the HealthCare's Better

We've recently come across a few articles such as this one from The Daily Beast about people either receiving better healthcare in prison or taking extreme measures to obtain cheap health services and medications. While these are extreme examples and highlight levels of mental illness, it's terrible to see individuals willing to take such risks to obtain healthcare.

Whether or not you agree with prisoners getting better care than ordinary citizens, one thing is common to all...that healthcare costs are high and continue to move up. The best way to avoid high healthcare expenses is to prevent one's health from deteriorating by living an active and healthy lifestyle. Based on the more than 314 million search results by typing in 'how to live healthy' in Google, we're pretty sure a solution exists for all that is both cost-effective and can be incorporated into busy schedules.

While accidents happen and hereditary conditions are more difficult to control, taking health into one's hands can be the most satisfying and life extending measures. Not only will you do yourself a favor, but you'll likely encourage others to do so as well.

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