Tuesday, May 22, 2012

HealthWarehouse.com Continues to Lead the Pack

Today we announced that HealthWarehouse.com offers the best prices on Clopdogrel (the generic name for Plavix®) in the United States. How can we continue to provide such low prices? It's simple...we take out the middle man (or woman ;-) ).

If you compare our prices to our competitors, it's clear to us that the other guys either have a lot of middle men or are using your hard earned dollars to pay for a lot of extras (rent, advertising, overhead, etc.). So, unless you like giving money away like it's burning a hole in your pocket, get your prescriptions with us. If this isn't convincing enough, we think the table below will help.

Cash Price at Competitors in the Cincinnati Area and Savings at HealthWarehouse.com

     Costco          CVS       Kroger       RiteAid         Target   Walgreens      Walmart 
Clopidrogel  $ 98.35  $ 189.99  $ 74.59  $ 163.99  $ 179.99  $ 209.99  $ 40.00
Savings (%)     64     82      53  79 81  83 13

What would you do with all the money you can save at HealthWarehouse.com?

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