Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pets and Heartworms

As Summer is quickly approaching, and we all spend more time outdoors, our furry friends typically follow us along and enjoy the warmer weather as well. As we all come out, unfortunately so do mosquitoes, which are known transmitters of heartworms. This presents a problem to our canine and feline companions, who are vulnerable to heartworms.

How do they get heartworms? A mosquito bites an animal infected with heartworms and becomes a carrier of the disease. Once present in the mosquito, it then bites other cats and dogs, spreading the disease. The heartworms themselves live in the animal and make it to the heart within two to three months where they begin to reproduce. Eventually, they will be present long enough (around seven months) to mature and affect the animal, creating all sorts of health hazards, including the risk of death if left unattended.

The best way to fight heartworms is to prevent them in the first place (a dog can contract heartworms several times in its life - there is no immunity). At we carry medications, including heartworm treatements, to help keep you pet safe. You can find both Heartgard®, and Interceptor® at discounted prices, which should make for a fun-filled, and healthy Summer.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Paying for Healthcare with Cash is Best

The Los Angeles Times recently came out with an article illustrating how paying for hospital services can be greatly discounted when paying for them on a cash basis. The findings correlate with our experience - that by circumventing health insurance, consumers can lower expenses for healthcare services...sometimes significantly.

Bottom line...make sure you compare prices before getting healthcare service. As mentioned in the article "It changes the game when healthcare's secrets aren't so secret."

Tuesday, May 22, 2012 Continues to Lead the Pack

Today we announced that offers the best prices on Clopdogrel (the generic name for Plavix®) in the United States. How can we continue to provide such low prices? It's simple...we take out the middle man (or woman ;-) ).

If you compare our prices to our competitors, it's clear to us that the other guys either have a lot of middle men or are using your hard earned dollars to pay for a lot of extras (rent, advertising, overhead, etc.). So, unless you like giving money away like it's burning a hole in your pocket, get your prescriptions with us. If this isn't convincing enough, we think the table below will help.

Cash Price at Competitors in the Cincinnati Area and Savings at

     Costco          CVS       Kroger       RiteAid         Target   Walgreens      Walmart 
Clopidrogel  $ 98.35  $ 189.99  $ 74.59  $ 163.99  $ 179.99  $ 209.99  $ 40.00
Savings (%)     64     82      53  79 81  83 13

What would you do with all the money you can save at