Thursday, October 28, 2010

What really SCARES us!

It's that time of year when ghosts and goblins and zombies abound.  But do you want to know what really scares us?

The HIGH prices some pharmacies are charging for prescription drugs!

It is absolutely HORRIFYING what some pharmacies are charging!  Even though these other pharmacies source their medications from the same manufacturers and suppliers that we do, they may charge double, triple, or even ten times what we do.  Why do they do this? The simple answer is:  "because they can."  For too many years, we have never bothered to question how much our prescriptions cost us.  We just handed over our insurance card and our hard earned money as well.  Now that the economy looks scarier that a Lon Chaney movie, people are starting to take a hard, close look at what they're spending.  So are we!

We compared our prices for many prescription drugs with those of our competitors using their "drug savings" plans.  If these results don't SHOCK you, nothing will!  We think it's time to stop letting these other pharmacies TRICK us.  It's time to let TREAT you to affordable pricing, fast delivery, and award-winning customer service.  Let us know what you think and what you were paying before you found

Drug name    Generic name     Walgreens  CVS Caremark
Arimidex         anastrozole 1mg           $ 25.00          $ 436.90          $ 324.99       $ 167.16
Imitrex            sumatriptan 100mg       $ 27.00          $ 199.97          $   94.99       $   96.01
Flomax           tamsulosin 0.4mg         $ 30.00          $ 120.99          $   89.99       $   56.08
Cozaar            losartan 100mg            $ 16.00          $   86.66          $   81.99       $   88.71
Norvasc          amlodipine 2.5mg          $  3.50          $   15.99          $  24.99        $   26.25