Wednesday, May 13, 2009

LifeScan’s Decision to Discontinue Two OneTouch Strip Products

Are your OneTouch test strips becoming harder to find and possibly increasing in price? Effective December 2008, Lifescan has made the decision to discontinue two of its OneTouch test strip products due to decline in demand. If you are using a OneTouch FastTake or One Touch Basic, II or Profile glucose meter, now may be the right time to look into upgrading your system.

LifeScan’s decision to cease the manufacturing of the two categories of OneTouch test strips was cited as a result of declining demand; it is not the result of any type of safety issue regarding the products. The final batch of FastTake test strips will have the expiry date of March 2010. Compatible strips for the other meters listed above, the expiration of these last test strips will be January 2010.

With the ever-present proliferation of counterfeit test strips, if you choose to continue shopping for these strips, please keep the noted expiration dates in mind. If you haven’t already switched, now is a great time to consider upgrading your meter and corresponding supplies; doing so will ensure the ease of sourcing your diabetic testing needs and potentially save you both time and money.

For additional questions related to LifeScan products, contact the U.S. Customer Service at: 1-800 227-8862

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