Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Americans Overwhelmingly Preferring And Requesting Generic Drugs

Americans are beginning to become fed up with the high cost of brand name drugs. Consumers are learning more about generic drugs which is leading to an increase in requests for generic medications. In a study done earlier this year, the top two reasons doctors prescribed generic drugs in the past year were patients asked about them or actually preferred them to the brand name equivalent.

A Harris Poll recently found that 81% of American consumers say they prefer generic medications to brand name medications, an increase of 13% since October 2006. SeekingAlpha.com did a great job breaking down the Harris Poll.

What the poll fails to look at is 'Why American consumers prefer generic medications'. It is believed (and quite obvious) that the American consumer is sick and tired of the ridiculous costs of brand name drugs. Americans have always been good at adapting and in these tough economic times Americans are beginning to seek out ways to save money. For a lot of people medications are a necessity, however, many of these people are looking to the generic equivalent as a cheaper alternative.

The more informed American consumer is beginning to put the pressure on the doctors as well. Many people wonder why generic prescriptions aren't prescribed all of the time? It's a logical question that has people baffled by the answer. The reason is the branded drugs have representatives who leave samples of these branded medications with the health care provider, with the intention and belief that the health care provider will select this branded drug as a result. Generic medications, while much less expensive than the branded medications, do not have samples to be left with the health care providers.

Apparently it doesn't take much to persuade most doctors, but the American public is fighting back and requesting that their doctors prescribe generic equivalents. In the next few years some of the largest drugs come off patent which will allow Americans the opportunity to choose the generic equivalents and save money. The American health care consumer is becoming smarter and more informed, and the "Generic Revolution" is starting.