Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Top Six Qualities In An Online Pharmacy

If you type 'online pharmacy' into Google over four million results come up. Many of these results show international pharmacies that make bold claims like "Canada's largest pharmacy" or "save up to 90%". With so many online pharmacies to choose from it can be difficult to tell which ones are safe and can be trusted.

Below are the top six qualities to look for in an online pharmacy:

1. Purchase only from state-licensed pharmacies in the United States - To find out if an online pharmacy is a state-licensed pharmacy, is in good standing and is in the United States, check out The pharmacy should have a licensed pharmacist who can answer your questions and should require a valid prescription to obtain medications.

2. Adequate company information - The online pharmacy should give sufficient information about the company, the seller, what type of refunds they offer, and especially their contact information. If an online pharmacy does not give any 'contact info' stay as far away from it as possible. There is a reason why they don't want you to know who and where they are.

3. Online pharmacy requires a valid prescription - Only choose an online pharmacy that requires a valid prescription. If a pharmacy never asks you for a prescription or they say they will issue one themselves it means they are not legitimate. Everyone knows why you need a prescription from YOUR doctor - it's for your safety. Without a prescription an online pharmacy can send you the wrong dosage or even worse the wrong medication.  It can mean the difference between life or death.

4. Reasonable shipping times - A legitimate U.S. online pharmacy should be able to get your order to you within one week. If an online pharmacy offers shipping times greater than seven days be skeptical. This pretty much guarantees your order is coming from an unregulated international pharmacy, more than likely from India.

5. Transparent pricing - An online pharmacy's pricing should be easy to understand. Beware of pharmacies that use deceptive pricing tactics like offering prescription drugs at substantially less and then charging excessive amounts on shipping. If a pharmacy charges shipping by the 'pound', stay away as well.

6. Customer service - Look for an online pharmacy that offers a toll-free customer service number. Ideally the customer service should be in the United States.

There are safe, legitimate online pharmacies out there that can make getting prescription drugs much more convenient and make your life easier. Make sure to keep these top qualities in mind when comparing online pharmacies. It will make your shopping experience more enjoyable and much safer.